Cartier Senior Citizen Support Committee, Inc  (CSCSC)

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Board Members

Chair         : Linda Lyons
Vice Chair : 
Sec           : Roger Boisjoli
Treas.       : Mona Desilets
Directors :
Betty Menard, Roger Menard, Fern Menard, Doris Lavallee, Marlene Braun, Daryl Beaudry, Maureen Matwichuck, Debbie Troche, Cathy Schrader and Debbie Forge.
RM of Cartier Council Rep: Christa Vann-Mitchell

Meal Coords
Elie : 
St. Eustache : Saralise Saindon

August 2020 Information

Activities - not available
Wednesday Menu
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Cartier Health Centre
Box 215
Elie, MB R0H 0H0

Coordinator : Saralise Saindon

SSGL : Angus Moar

Phone: 353-2470

Email: [email protected]

Community Leader: Margaret Warner , 857-7864 ext. 226

Board Chairperson: Linda Lyons, 

The communities served are: Elie, St. Eustache, St. Francois Xavier, Fannystelle, Dacotah, Springstein & Lido Plage.

Helping Seniors Live Independently

Cartier Senior Citizens Support Committee Inc. offers support services to Seniors 55 plus, and for any individual needing assistance. Cartier Senior Citizens Support Committee provides support services in order to enable Seniors to live independently in their own homes and communities.

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Congregate Meal Program
Our congregate meal program is available to any senior and their guests.

Elie Monday- Friday 5:30  sign up by 2:00 the day before the meal you want to attend.
St. Eustache meals are Wednesdays at 5:30 please sign up by 2:00 on Tuesday.  The cost is $7.00 per person.

The support services are provided by volunteers and by Fee for Service Providers
Fee for Service means that a fee will be charged to the senior who requires a specific service. For example, if a senior requires transportation to and from an appointment, the provider would charge  a fee per kilometre or round trip. Most providers do not make a profit, they only charge an appropriate fee to cover their expenses.

CSCSC relies on Volunteers and Fee Providers. Please call 353-2470 for information on how to become a Volunteer or Fee Provider.

CSCSC would like to meet you!
For more information on the support services, programs and referrals, please visit us at the Cartier Health Centre in Elie or contact:

Box 215
Elie, MB R0H 0H0.

Inquiries should be addressed to Lora-Mae Gervais, Seniors' Resource Coordinator.

CSCSC offers the following support services:

  • House Cleaning
  • Transportation
  • Yard & Home Maintenance
  • Gardening
  • Window Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Snow Removal
  • Errands
  • Mail Pick Up
  • Vacation Home Checks
  • Daily Hello
  • Foot Care
  • Congregate Meals
  • Friendly Visiting

  • Music
  • Pen pal
  • Speakers
  • Anything else you may require – call our office